Rust Coins And Gifts - Unhelpful, snobbish, wouldn't give me a fair price.

Fairport, New York 0 comments
Not resolved

Walked in.Some young chick took a long time to answer from the office in the back.

She looke at my goods then got some older lady who stormed out to where I was. She was pretty brisk and kinda rude. She offered me pretty much dirt for what I payed 3 years ago 50+ dollars for. (1.50$) she offered.

Very rude about the way she handled it. I hope that business goes under for the way she handles it.

Get a guy in there!!!I wouldn't have been so pissed but I was referred by two pawn shops to sell there and I drove 10 miles extra out of my way expecting atleast 40-60$ put of the coins.

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